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Getting to know students has been a priority for UTIA Senior Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice President Keith Carver from day one. And what better way to attract a bunch of students than to offer free food? That was the reasoning that led to an “Eat and Greet” held Monday, April 3, 2023, on the Plant Biotechnology Building Plaza. All students in the Herbert College of Agriculture and College of Veterinary Medicine were encouraged to stop by for a hamburger, hot dog, or vegetarian fare and meet the Institute’s new leader. “The event was such a great way to interact with some of the most important people at UTIA: our students,” says Carver. “We had a great time, and I’m telling folks it was our first annual Eat and Greet, because there will be more, along with other events like it, to build our sense of community. Whether you’re a student or employee, friend or alum, or one of the people we serve, we want you to know that UTIA is here for you.”

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Spring/Summer 2023

Cover of the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Land, Life & Science print version, showing Pat Keyser in a native grasslands field while using a laptop.