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Cattle standing in a native grasslands field

The Grasslands Partnership

A multi-institution team and 230 farms in nine states are setting off on a five-year analysis of best practices in grasslands management. The once-in-a-generation study has the potential to secure the future for farmers, the public, and our planet.

The pitch at Wembley Stadium

GOOOAL: UTIA Turfgrass Team to Oversee Research for 2026 FIFA World Cup Fields

In soccer terms, the UT Institute of Agriculture just scored a winning goal.

Interiors of the UT Creamery on April 26, 2022.

Getting the Scoop

The new UT Creamery—a combined effort of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, the Herbert College of Agriculture, and the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences—is expected to open this year.