Great Grads

Headshot of Aaron Woody and a photo of Aaron with the Coca-Cola bear

Great Grads – Aaron Woody

Aaron Woody uses his food science degree to literally make people happy. He helps the Coca-Cola Company create new offerings based on consumer feedback and product testing

Elizabeth Million headshot and a photo with her family

Great Grads – Elizabeth Million

Veterinarian promotes the licensing assessments needed for ensuring newcomers to her field are successful and that they, in turn, can do their best to protect animal health and well-being

Samantha Beaty with cattle

Great Grads — Samantha Beaty

Meet a servant of people of Tennessee and the state’s agriculture producers

Wyn Miller standing on their family farm with cattle in the background

Great Grads — Wyn Miller

Say hello to a landscape architecture alumna who is re-envisioning her family’s century farm

Jean Proctor McNeil showing people where to go in an office

Great Grads – Jean Proctor McNeil

As a Black youth in the 1970s, Jean Proctor McNeil found few mentors to encourage her to be a veterinarian. Yet she achieved that goal and went on to mentor dozens of future veterinarians as well as redefine how animal shelters operate.

Erin Webb working on research

Great Grads – Erin Webb

Agricultural engineer Erin Webb credits mentors for assisting her life’s journey, one that has spanned everything from NASA studies on putting a greenhouse on Mars to heading an environmental research group at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Two photos of former USDA International Development Coordinator Thomas Lederer

Great Grads – Thomas H. Lederer

How does a New York state native end up with a Maine license plate that reads “GO VOLS?” For Thomas H. Lederer (MS agricultural economics ‘72, PhD agricultural economics ‘76)…

Veterinarian and visionary Leslie Sadeghi Brooks holding a notepad

Great Grads – Leslie Sadeghi Brooks

It’s not a stretch to call alumni Leslie Sadeghi Brooks and Thomas Lederer visionaries and humanitarians. Meet two alumni who strive to see policy decisions that help people create better lives.