Great Grads

Samantha Beaty with cattle

Great Grads — Samantha Beaty

Meet a servant of people of Tennessee and the state’s agriculture producers

Wyn Miller standing on their family farm with cattle in the background

Great Grads — Wyn Miller

Say hello to a landscape architecture alumna who is re-envisioning her family’s century farm

Jean Proctor McNeil showing people where to go in an office

Great Grads – Jean Proctor McNeil

As a Black youth in the 1970s, Jean Proctor McNeil found few mentors to encourage her to be a veterinarian. Yet she achieved that goal and went on to mentor dozens of future veterinarians as well as redefine how animal shelters operate.

Erin Webb working on research

Great Grads – Erin Webb

Agricultural engineer Erin Webb credits mentors for assisting her life’s journey, one that has spanned everything from NASA studies on putting a greenhouse on Mars to heading an environmental research group at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Two photos of former USDA International Development Coordinator Thomas Lederer

Great Grads – Thomas H. Lederer

How does a New York state native end up with a Maine license plate that reads “GO VOLS?” For Thomas H. Lederer (MS agricultural economics ‘72, PhD agricultural economics ‘76)…

Veterinarian and visionary Leslie Sadeghi Brooks holding a notepad

Great Grads – Leslie Sadeghi Brooks

It’s not a stretch to call alumni Leslie Sadeghi Brooks and Thomas Lederer visionaries and humanitarians. Meet two alumni who strive to see policy decisions that help people create better lives.